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  • October 17, 2023
  • 2023 Director Compensation Report
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  • Featured FW Cook Consultants: Connor Damon, Jasper Luong, Rachel Chiu

Featured Publications

Article | April 10, 2024
Post-Pandemic LTI Design Trends
By Corporate Board Member with FW Cook Thought Leadership By Eric Henken and Alec Lentz
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Alert | March 22, 2024
FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update on Applying Scope of Stock-Based Compensation to Profits Interest Awards
By Stafford Schmidt, Thomas M. Haines
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Featured Events

Event | May 1, 2024
Research Triangle Park, NC

Panel Discussion: Compensation Trends
By Joe Sorrentino, Managing Director
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Event | May 29, 2024
Summit, NJ

Compensation Committee Roundtable
By Michael R. Marino, Marco Pizzitola

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Featured Blogs

Blog | April 24, 2024
New FTC Rule Would Generally Ban All Non-Compete Agreements Except for Agreements with “Senior Executives” Entered Into Before the Effective Date
By David Gordon, Dina Bernstein
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Blog | February 27, 2024
BlackRock’s Voting Choice Program Expands to Individual Retail Investors
By Jose Furman, Consultant
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