Consider a Long-Term Consulting Career With Unlimited Potential.

If you are someone with strong analytical ability, robust financial acumen, superb communication and interpersonal skills, intellectual curiosity, as well as unwavering honesty and integrity, a rewarding opportunity may await you at FW Cook in the field of executive compensation consulting.

FW Cook offers a challenging and highly rewarding work environment, and it is because of this that so many of our firm’s consultants truly love their work and have chosen to stay with us for their entire career. Our top consultants serve as the retained advisors to the board of directors and senior management teams of the world’s most successful organizations.

There Are No Limits

A purposeful lack of hierarchical structure means there is no limit to how fast or far you can go. At FW Cook you have the opportunity to build and manage your own career, gaining responsibility and additional rewards as fast as your ability, drive and initiative allows.

A team-based and client facing culture

FW Cook's culture is team-based, client-focused and highly collaborative. We do our best work as a team, placing greater emphasis on client engagements over internal requirements, to deliver value-added solutions in a time efficient manner. This outward focused and collaborative culture results in superior professional development and career advancement.

Opportunities for professional growth and continuous learning abound

Executive compensation is a dynamic field constantly evolving. Because we are committed to promoting thought leadership in the industry and contributing to the field of executive compensation, the consultants at FW Cook are consistently invited to weigh in on critical issues. You'll be afforded the opportunity to build your own expertise and share with both colleagues and clients through speaking engagements and publications. In our firm, professionals can grow technical in all areas of compensation consulting, such as finance, strategy, governance, accounting, incentive plan design, performance measurement, communications, etc.

Learn from the best in the profession

When you become a consultant at FW Cook, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the top experts in the industry. Our client engagement staffing model facilitates routine interaction between senior and junior consultants, which fosters opportunities for expedited career development.

Advise the leaders of industry

At FW Cook, we work with leaders of the top businesses in the world. The exposure that is offered at all levels of experience is rare. It is inspiring and rewarding to help clients attract and maintain their senior leadership, not to mention helping them achieve company goals.

Seven US offices with clients spanning the globe

Established in New York City, FW Cook has strategically expanded across the United States, adding offices in six additional major metropolitan cities. Each one has its own focus and personality, working together as one firm. Every consultant, regardless of their business address, is available to support any of his or her colleagues' clients at any time. Since our service is not constrained geographically - we serve clients all over the globe - our team has flexibility with respect to the region in which they wish to work.

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • San Francisco

“FW Cook attracts the industry's best and brightest, and I would invite anyone to come discover why.”

FW Cook is a small group of consultants with a vast knowledge base, deep expertise, and a long history. These qualities intersect to create a unique opportunity of rapid learning in an intense, focused setting where growth is unlimited and aptitude, initiative, and creativity reap tangible rewards.

One thing I enjoy about being at the Firm is that I have the opportunity to meaningfully influence my trajectory here and in the executive compensation practice. In this type of environment, I know that each hour spent going the extra mile, better understanding a client’s situation, delving into a highly technical topic, etc. is a direct investment in my value as a consultant that will pay off in both the short- and long-term.

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