Research Report | November 6, 2019
2019 Director Compensation Report
By Andrew Platt, Ted Simmons, Tahmid Ali, Sara Salzbank


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FW Cook’s 2019 Director Compensation Report studies non-employee director compensation at 300 companies of various sizes and industries to analyze market practices in pay levels and program structure. Key findings include:

  • Total compensation increases were similar among large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies, with changes more varied at the industry level.
  • Energy companies had the largest increase in median total compensation (+14%), while other industries generally fell within a 4%-6% range.
  • Director compensation structure remains consistent with prior years, with an average mix of 58% equity and 42% cash across the entire sample.
  • The prevalence of companies with annual limits on director compensation increased from 55% to 68% of companies.
  • This year’s report includes information around the prevalence of women on Boards: 90% of companies in the study have at least one woman on the Board, with approximately 50% of large-cap companies having three or more women on the Board.