Executive Compensation Survey

Leverage Data Created and Developed by Us

A well-designed and strategic executive compensation plan sets your organization apart, enabling you to attract the right leadership, retain your current talent, and reach your business goals. However, designing a plan is a complex process that involves many stakeholders and financial components.

With our in-house compensation data analytics, you benefit from the market’s most accurate and comprehensive data to make the most effective plan – all from one reliable source.

Ensure exactness and accuracy

To provide superior data quality, accuracy, and assurance, we collect more detailed information than the industry standard, and employ a rigorous data quality assurance process that focuses on the industries, competitors, and peers of our participants.


Our comprehensive executive compensation data ensures you benefit from better insights and simplified decisions.

Data from leading S&P companies

The fastest growing executive compensation survey in the market, the FW Cook Executive Compensation Survey focuses on leading public companies within the S&P 1500, spanning a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, CPGs, insurance, financials. Through our high-quality data, rigorous process, and the expertise of top consultants who produce the newest and most accurate data available, we deliver unsurpassed accuracy and value.

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