Research Report | November 13, 2018
2018 Director Compensation Report
By Tamar Garoon, Alexa Kierzkowski


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FW Cook’s 2018 Director Compensation Report studies non-employee director compensation at 300 companies of various sizes and industries to analyze market practices in pay levels and program structure. Median pay key findings include:

  • Total compensation amounts increased by 0.5% at the median of the total sample versus last year’s study, reflecting generally stable compensation levels across size sectors.
  • Large-cap companies in our study pay directors $275,000 at the median, and experienced the smallest increase in median total pay this year of 0.2%, following a 5.4% increase the previous year.
  • This year, among mid-cap companies, median total pay of $205,000 increased by 1.9%, which increased from last year’s growth of 0.8%.
  • Median total pay at small-cap companies grew 1.2% to $152,000, following a 3.7% increase the prior year.
  • Technology continues to be the highest-paying sector in our study, while Financial Services continues to be the lowest-paying sector.