Tamar Garoon


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Chicago, IL
P: 312.894.0081

Tamar Garoon joined the firm in 2013. She engages with clients across all industries and throughout all stages of the business cycle. She specializes in strategic incentive plan design, compensation trends, market research, peer group development and total compensation analysis. Tamar has also assisted companies in developing equity plan proposals, as well as other proxy advisory firm engagements. In 2015, she co-authored the Change-in-Control and Severance Report for our firm and in 2018 authored the Director Compensation Report.

Relevant Experience

  • Executive Pay Analysis
  • Incentive Plan Design
  • Performance Analysis
  • CD&A Review
  • ISS Compass Modeling
  • Change-in-Control & Severance Practices
  • Director Pay Analysis
  • Energy Industry


Article | January 11, 2024
Examining Exit Pay Practices
By Corporate Board Member with FW Cook Thought Leadership By Tamar Garoon, Stephen Hom and Cimi Silverberg
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Research Report | November 16, 2023
2023 Executive Change-in-Control (CIC) and Non-CIC Severance Practices
By Tamar Garoon, Zach Clarke, Noah T. Kaplan, Eva Gencheva
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Research Report | November 13, 2018
2018 Director Compensation Report
By Tamar Garoon, Alexa Kierzkowski
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Research Report | March 31, 2016
Executive Severance and Change-In-Control Practices
By Dana W. Etra, Tamar Garoon, Erin Bass-Goldberg
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