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FW Cook Featured Publication

  • November 30, 2016
  • 2016 Director Compensation Report
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  • Featured FW Cook Consultants: Eric Graves, Thomas Kohn & Eric Winikoff

Featured Publications

Article | April 10, 2017
Handbook for Reading & Preparing Proxy Statements
By Thomas M. Haines, Managing Director
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Research Report | January 16, 2017
2016 Annual Incentive Plan Report
By Shannon Disbrow, James Garriga
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Featured Events

Event | June 13, 2017
Chicago, IL
Equilar Executive Compensation Summit
Point Counterpoint: Debating Compensation Practices
By Steven L. Cross, Managing Director & Head of Houston Office

Event | June 16, 2017
The Knowledge Group
The Impacts of Pay Ratio Disclosure Rule on CEOs and Companies
By Samantha Nussbaum, Principal
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